Q. What Hechsher (Rabbinical Supervision) are you under?
Our Hechsher is provided by the Va'ad HaRabbonim HaChareidim. Rabbi Mordechai Kaplovitz is our on-site Mashgiach.

Q. Where can I have my event catered?
We cater almost anywhere. Some of our past locations are Progressive Park, many hotels including The Ritz Carlton, The Renaissance Hotel, Embassy Suites, Synagogues, museums, parks and private residences.

Q. What size groups do you cater for?
We cater for groups from 10 to 1000 guests.

Q. Can I get a customized birthday cake (i.e. with Spiderman/Barbie, etc. on it)?
Yes. We can put ANYTHING on a cake - Spiderman, Barbie, you name it!

Q. When should I call in my Shabbos order?
Please call in your order by Thursday afternoon.

If you have any questions not listed above, please feel free to e-mail us at ContempoCuisine@aol.com